Pay for 22 motor order diagrams for Copter wiki [Approved]

Topic:Replace motor order diagrams for Copter wiki

Proposal type: images


Pay for and run a short contest on to replace the motor order diagrams on this wiki page with new images. This would pretty up this important wiki page (many of the images are discoloured after years of resizing and changing formats) and also allow us to provide complete information for the 22 multicopter frames we currently support (only 11 or 12 are shown at the moment).

I’ve already collected up our existing images and added some rough versions of the missing images here:

Planned amount $$ (USD):300

Estimated time for completion: 1 week.

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What a great idea! Approved by funding committee.

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Great, thanks! We should have new diagrams within a week

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Make sure you get vector versions of these as well so they can be re rendered without a quality penalty. SVG files would probably be best since it’s an open standard.

Vector files will also make it easy to change colors and use parts of frames to generate a new frame layout.