Pause until button pressed

Is there a feature, and if not could one be created (if so how), that would allow a ‘pause’ function which remains paused until a button is pressed? The context of this is that I do a lot of film work and we need to get the drone into its first position prior to the call of ‘action’. So in essence I would like to fly the aircraft to the first position in auto mode and for it to then remain there until I press a button allowing the aircraft to continue for the rest of the mission. This could allow a better more accurate way to film some technically challenging shots and actually open up some new possibilities within drone filming. Thanks.

You could assign a button to the brake flight mode, and then switch it back to auto mode using another mode or assign these 2 to a multi position switch if you have one available. Brake flight mode will stop the craft where it is and won’t accept pilot commands until the mode is changed.The mission should resume from the last command when switching back to auto.

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