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Passthrough telemetry ID

Great. Perfect. I will test it tomorrow.

Is there any way to use percentage gauge to fuel level? The same like for battery level? I have telemetry reading for percentage. But i would like to see it graphically (horizontal bargraph)

Thank you


not yet, I might add it in the future but this kind of layout tends to brings the screen fps down,

Ok I understand.
So even your battery gauge slows it down?

I think if you would just left one battery gauge on the right panel on the same place where it is, just with possibility to use different source 0…100 for it.


no, I mean the custom layout ones, I can’t prevent users adding 6 gauges and that might crash the script

Thank you for your response. That was what I was thinking.

Could you, please, let custom layout of the right panel with just one “compulsory” gauge (the same place where it is now) with possibility to change label and sensor (0…100) ?


ok download the zip again, this is what’s possible now


check the file /SD/SCRIPTS/YAAPU/CFG/yaapudev_right_sensors.lua
for an example on how to enable the gauge rendering, it’s pretty simple

have fun

The screenshot was just an example, don’t enable both custom sensor layouts it’s too CPU intensive and the script might be killed, stoick to only one!

I have downloaded and tested …

Greatly appreciated.

Works perfectly

Thank you again.

I have noticed “hybrid” right panel.

Can I use it for my purposes? What telemetry input it takes?

P. S. Sorry for delay in testing.

I was stuck in non-funtional telemtry from Xicoy … I have tested Xicoy telemetry with Gas Suite, RB-30 and Passthrough. It worked until moment I tried to change physical ID for Gas Suite. There is probably a bug in FrSky Gas Suite script … it change also ID of RB30. So Gas Suite and RB30 does not work together. O had to disconnect RB30 and change GasSuite ID separatelly. Then it worked again. I am afraid it changed also something else, from that moment I can not use FrSky Gas Suite and Xicoy telemetry together … although they have different physical ID and work seperately ok.

I have bought another GasSuite and it behaves the same way :frowning:

The same for “Application ID” group setting. After change i have to discover sensors again both for Gas Suite and RB.

But still I cant get Gas Suite and Xicoy working together.

Do you know what is “application ID” setting?


Karel thanks for the “free beers” :slight_smile:

The Hybrid panel uses indepenedent battery config where volatge alerts use battery 1 monitor and batt capacity alerts use battery2, in the menu that is (I need the label is not clear)

Do Gas Suite and RB30 work together WITHOUT ardupilot?

As for the application ID we’re talking about one the ids used top identify Frsky sensors.
Application ID is the sensor TYPE, older smartport sensors used 1 byte newer use 2 bytes,

// FrSky new DATA IDs (2 bytes)
#define ALT_FIRST_ID              0x0100
#define ALT_LAST_ID               0x010f
#define VARIO_FIRST_ID            0x0110
#define VARIO_LAST_ID             0x011f
#define CURR_FIRST_ID             0x0200
#define CURR_LAST_ID              0x020f
#define VFAS_FIRST_ID             0x0210
#define VFAS_LAST_ID              0x021f
#define CELLS_FIRST_ID            0x0300
#define CELLS_LAST_ID             0x030f
#define T1_FIRST_ID               0x0400
#define T1_LAST_ID                0x040f
#define T2_FIRST_ID               0x0410
#define T2_LAST_ID                0x041f
#define RPM_FIRST_ID              0x0500
#define RPM_LAST_ID               0x050f
#define FUEL_FIRST_ID             0x0600
#define FUEL_LAST_ID              0x060f
#define ACCX_FIRST_ID             0x0700
#define ACCX_LAST_ID              0x070f
#define ACCY_FIRST_ID             0x0710
#define ACCY_LAST_ID              0x071f
#define ACCZ_FIRST_ID             0x0720
#define ACCZ_LAST_ID              0x072f
#define GPS_LONG_LATI_FIRST_ID    0x0800
#define GPS_LONG_LATI_LAST_ID     0x080f
#define GPS_ALT_FIRST_ID          0x0820
#define GPS_ALT_LAST_ID           0x082f
#define GPS_SPEED_FIRST_ID        0x0830
#define GPS_SPEED_LAST_ID         0x083f
#define GPS_COURS_FIRST_ID        0x0840
#define GPS_COURS_LAST_ID         0x084f
#define GPS_TIME_DATE_FIRST_ID    0x0850
#define GPS_TIME_DATE_LAST_ID     0x085f
#define A3_FIRST_ID               0x0900
#define A3_LAST_ID                0x090f
#define A4_FIRST_ID               0x0910
#define A4_LAST_ID                0x091f
#define AIR_SPEED_FIRST_ID        0x0a00
#define AIR_SPEED_LAST_ID         0x0a0f
#define RBOX_BATT1_FIRST_ID       0x0b00
#define RBOX_BATT1_LAST_ID        0x0b0f
#define RBOX_BATT2_FIRST_ID       0x0b10
#define RBOX_BATT2_LAST_ID        0x0b1f
#define RBOX_STATE_FIRST_ID       0x0b20
#define RBOX_STATE_LAST_ID        0x0b2f
#define RBOX_CNSP_FIRST_ID        0x0b30
#define RBOX_CNSP_LAST_ID         0x0b3f
#define SD1_FIRST_ID              0x0b40
#define SD1_LAST_ID               0x0b4f
#define ESC_POWER_FIRST_ID        0x0b50
#define ESC_POWER_LAST_ID         0x0b5f
#define ESC_RPM_CONS_FIRST_ID     0x0b60
#define ESC_RPM_CONS_LAST_ID      0x0b6f
#define ESC_TEMPERATURE_LAST_ID   0x0b7f
#define X8R_FIRST_ID              0x0c20
#define X8R_LAST_ID               0x0c2f
#define S6R_FIRST_ID              0x0c30
#define S6R_LAST_ID               0x0c3f
#define GASSUIT_TEMP_FIRST_ID     0x0d00
#define GASSUIT_TEMP_LAST_ID      0x0d0f
#define GASSUIT_SPEED_FIRST_ID    0x0d10
#define GASSUIT_SPEED_LAST_ID     0x0d1f
#define GASSUIT_FUEL_FIRST_ID     0x0d20
#define GASSUIT_FUEL_LAST_ID      0x0d2f
#define DIY_FIRST_ID              0x5000
#define DIY_LAST_ID               0x52ff
#define DIY_STREAM_FIRST_ID       0x5000
#define DIY_STREAM_LAST_ID        0x50ff
#define FACT_TEST_ID              0xf000
#define RSSI_ID                   0xf101
#define ADC1_ID                   0xf102
#define ADC2_ID                   0xf103
#define SP2UART_A_ID              0xfd00
#define SP2UART_B_ID              0xfd01
#define BATT_ID                   0xf104
#define RAS_ID                    0xf105
#define XJT_VERSION_ID            0xf106
#define FUEL_QTY_FIRST_ID         0x0a10
#define FUEL_QTY_LAST_ID          0x0a1f

Each sensor TYPE can have 16 instances (from first to last ID) and usually responds to specific sensor IDs, so RPM for instance responds to polling for sensor 0xE4, and uses application IDs between 0x0500 to 0x0500f

I created a debug version that should let you figure what’s going on
flash this version

it has 2 extra parameters
FRSKY_DEBUG (default 0)
FRSKY_ENABLE (default 1)

You need to connect to the Durandal with mavproxy in order to see the console, check the wiki for info on how to do it.

After setting FRSKY_DEBUG = 1 you should get a bunch a messages like

frsky out: id=67, prime:10, appid:5006, data:000DD37E
frsky out: id=1B, prime:10, appid:0800, data:80000000
frsky out: id=67, prime:10, appid:5006, data:000DD37E
frsky out: id=34, prime:10, appid:5001, data:5800000C
frsky out: id=1B, prime:10, appid:0800, data:00000000
frsky out: id=67, prime:10, appid:5006, data:000DD37E
frsky out: id=34, prime:10, appid:5005, data:0E0C0102
frsky out: id=67, prime:10, appid:5006, data:000DD37E
frsky out: id=34, prime:10, appid:5003, data:00000000
frsky in:  id:A1, prime:10, appid:0300, data:76D76840
frsky out: id=67, prime:10, appid:5006, data:000DD37E
frsky out: id=34, prime:10, appid:500B, data:00000000
frsky out: id=67, prime:10, appid:5006, data:000DD37E
frsky out: id=34, prime:10, appid:5004, data:00000000
frsky out: id=1B, prime:10, appid:0800, data:80000000
frsky out: id=67, prime:10, appid:5006, data:000DD37E
frsky out: id=34, prime:10, appid:5002, data:00003FC0

“frsky out” are sent from ardupilot and you can turn them off with FRSKY_ENABLE=0, “frsky in” are incoming packets, in my example above it’s a FLVSS voltage sensor.
With FRSKY_ENABLE=0 all you see is coming from external sensors (Gas Suite, RB30, etc).
If you see incoming data that uses one of ardupilot default sensor IDs (1B,0D,34,67) you might run into problems, anyway good hunting :slight_smile:


Thank you.
This will ve very looong evening, when I will dive into it :slight_smile:


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