Passthrough on 3.2.1 working?

I have a mini APM 2.6 running adrucopter 3.2.1 on a quadcopter and 8 channel PPM receiver. I was able to get my Storm32 to tilt using RC11 output paired to Ch6 (3 position) for gimbal tilt control. However, I discovered that during missions, the tilt seems to be locked to whatever tilt angle the mission started at. If I set up a “dronie” using tower, the tilt is moved to full forward position, therefore, missing the “person of interest”. I tried to work around this by setting up RC8 output as passthrough, but it doesn’t seem to work. If I switch RC8_fucntion to 7 again, tilt control is returned. Couple of questions:

  1. Is tilt locked during mission and dronie?
  2. Does passthrough even work on 3.2.1?

I searched through some topics on this, none really dealt specifically on 3.2.1 and tilt control during mission. Maybe I missed something obvious, but the end goal is to be able to tilt the gimbal at all times freely. I don’t mind that the tilt is not part of the mission, as long as I get to control it myself.

Anyone? I’ve tried different combinations, but still no go.

I finally got it working! It seems I’m dumber than I thought. If I set RC8 to passthrough, I have to actually use channel 8 from the transmitter/controller. Previously, I assigned channel 6 to function as tilt to output to RC8 on APM. But with passthrough, I have to either switch to Channel 8 on the transmitter or switch to RC6 on APM. Duh! The gimbal menu maps whatever Channel you want to whatever APM output you assign it. But with passthrough, there’s no mapping. Channel 6 goes to RC6, Channel 7 goes to RC7 etc. It’s so obvious now that I finally got it working.