Pass-thru default pwm 1.9ms when RC transmitter signal lost

Hi Guys,

Here is the issue :

RC9 is setup as pass-thru so I can see on the oscilloscope that the channel 9 from my receiver is forwarded to one of the output of the pixhawk.

1 - When the pixhawk is powered up and RC transmitter is off, the pixhawk output is down (not pwm signal) (so far so good)
2 - Then when the transmitter is on, the pwm signal is forwarded to the pixhawk output (so far so good)
3 - Then when the transmitter is switched off (equivalent to RC transmitter signal lost), a pwm signal (arround 1,9 ms) is still sent on the pixhawk output when I would expect to see no pwm signal anymore. (ISSUE !?)

So is it an issue or is there a way to define the default value of this output when the RC transmitter signal is lost ?

Thanks for your help !


Have the same problem. With pass through sending the gimbal all over the place if the handset goes off.

How is your RC receiver configured to failsafe ? And I mean the radio receiver, so before the signalling reaching the PixHawk.

its connected via sbus, as far as i know all the channels get ignored by the pixhawk when its in rc failsafe.