Parts list for APM 2.8

Hi guys. After I totally lost my quad , today I ordered new one. I had flip32+ with GPS etc. Now I ordered new controller which is APM 2.8. So please tell me if I forget something. Here is the part list:

  1. APM 2.8 flight controller with case
  2. BeStar BN-880 Ublox NEO-M8N GPS module with HMC5883L ( Compass )
    3)TTL 3DRobotics 3DR Radio 433Mhz Telemetry
  3. Power module with BEC 3A
  4. 4x Simon 30A ESC
  5. 4x SunnySky X2212 980KV
  6. 2.4 receiver for FlySky FS-TH9XB transmitter
  7. 4S 5000mA 50C lipo
  8. Power distribution board
  9. Alien reptile 500mm quad frame
  10. Landing gears
  11. Props
  12. GPS holder
  13. MinimOsd with 700tvl camera
  14. Boscam 5.8g receiver & transmitter with mushroom antennas
    And I am not sure about optical flow? What about ultrasonic distance sensor? Do I need something else?Thanks

May i ask why you are going to use such a high C rating on the lipo?

Sure. I had 3S 30C 4200mA lion power lipo. As I said I lost my quad so I ordered new and mote powerful motors. I was looking for something 4S 5000mA at least 30C cause the new motors can reach 20 amps each. Then i find this 50C battery which was the cheapest. Today I ordered also optical flow sensor.
Ps: Thanks for reply. I thought someone would reply sooner.
I don’t know anything about apm ; including wiring. I am used to with naze/flip.

Hi Ruby, have you found out if APM 2.8 supports the optical flow?

I guess it supports. I am still waiting for the parts. I bought one from ebay for 15 $. Written for apm 2.6 but I will give a try.

Hi guys. I get my optical flow sensor from ebay but I have a wiring problem. In here … -adns3080/
If you look ground and 5volt mixed.