Parting out - Selling - Black Window 400kv motors

Seeing how I kind of doubt I’ll be able to sell everything as a bundle, I would like to part out and sell off everything as I can.

This post is for selling 4 Black Widow 3508-400Kv With Built-In ESC CW/CCW.

They probably have about 15 minutes of use on them. I did lengthen the power cables with a clamp splicer and then added on a XT60 on each of them. Should be easy to remove if they are’t desired.

New price is 41.85. I’ll sell them for $35 each shipped if all four are purchased. I still have the original packaging and all parts. They currently won’t fit in the original packaging because of the power wire extensions.

Why are you selling these new motors? What kind of props and voltage you intended to use?

I decided to cut back on my hobbies and stop doing DIY drones. That is why I’m selling them. I was planning on using them with 15x5.5 carbon fiber props with a 6s battery.

These are the props I was using:

I have a full set of unused ones if you’re intersted in those as well. The ones that are currently connected to the motors aren’t worth selling because I probably balanced them incorrectly.

Can I ask if you ever sold those props? If not, I’d be interested in them.