Partial telemetry info unless connected with mission planner

I have done alot of searching and have found similar posts but no results. I have a apm 2.6 that is connected to a minimosd running extra. It will show altitude, roll/pitch, and other info but will not show:

satellite count
batt voltage

If I connect up a radio to the harness and connect to mission planner it will show those. Also it will update once when first armed but those values never change after that. I have several platforms and was able to narrow it down to the apm itself.

I have working quad with identical hardware that works. Both controllers are running 3.2.1. I have exported my parameters from the working one and imported into the faulty one and the problem still exists. I have erased and reflashed the faulty ones firmware with older firmwares with no results. I flashed to rover and back just to make sure it cleared the eeprom with no results.

Its obvious there is connection because I get live data for the other info on the display but for some reason this one is not spitting out satellite and batt info. It flies fine. GPS is locking and it will loiter. I have adjusted all the serial settings several different ways and again also fails with the same settings as the working board. I cannot make sense of this and if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

I spent a lot of time tonight and caused the failure on 4 apm units. I did find a resolution though. It appears there is something wrong with mission planner when saving the settings and often the values for SR0 aren’t saving properly. I started moving back versions and it seems the last version that works well for me is 1.3.30. The versions from there to current end up corrupting the settings and minimosd will not display current,voltage, or satellite info but will display the other info.

Also once corrupted when you install the older version you can’t just click the enable telemetry button and have it work. Sometimes I had to reset the default parameters and then resetup the power module and click the enable telemetry. But after doing such it brought all my apms back to life. This was not firmware as I tried both 3.1.5 and 3.2.1 and both exhibited the problem. Its specific to mission planner.

I am not sure where to report my results as I have seen enough other post that had the problem with no resolution.