Parrot Flypad as an USB gamepad

Several Youtube videos demonstrate how to connect a Parrot Flypad bluetooth controller and use it as a conventional joystick pad.
In short: connect your Flypad to your laptop with an ordinary USB cable. Do NOT switch the Flypad, and it will behave as a USB device with axes and buttons.
However, in my experience, it stops working after about 2 minutes or so. What shall I do?

Hi I did use flypad too and happened the same.
What I’m guessing is that flypad goes into sleep mode
unless it is receiving some signal from parrot drones like ArduPilot uses heartbeat from GCS & Transmitter
So my guess is we can’t do anything except asking parrot to not to…

Good point. Is there any official channel to do such requests at Parrot, @julienberaud do you know of any?

It is only open forum as far as I can find, but it looks very quiet place…