Parrot Disco motion equations

In the context of the development of a collision detection and resolution system we use a Parrot Disco for our experiments, but we are facing some difficulties to find the motion equations of the plane (necessary to compute the avoidance maneuvers). As ArduPlane supports this drone, do someone know how/where to find these equations? (We explored the source code but did not manage to find anything specific to this drone…).

Thank you in advance for your help!

ArduPilot doesn’t use a specific model for the aircraft: instead, the attitude and navigation controllers are common, and “tuned” to the specific aircraft.
If you get hold of the Disco parameter file you could reverse engineer a model using the tuned gain values and the Plane controllers, but it would be approximate.

Thank you for your fast answer.
I took a moment to explore the code and try to reverse engineer the model, but I couldn’t obtain all that I needed… Do you think the whole model is available somewhere?

even Parrott might not have done it explicitly - I’ve no idea how their native firmware is developed or structured.