Parameters suggested for object avoidance (mission)

Having had confusing results, when not chaotic trajectories, with object avoidance, I’d appreciate suggested parameters for v4.2 here (with rangefinders pointing to sides as required):

going from A to B on a mission (Auto, copter, rover):

  • avoid knocking walls,
  • avoid obstacle OBS,
  • not stopping at waypoints W1, W2, W3, W4 (segments moreless at 45º)

(please, copy, paste and fill:)

  • OA_TYPE=
  • Other?

Same for manual modes (PosHold, AltHold, Loiter…) if different.

Guidelines for simulation? (SITL, Gazebo…)

Hello Webillo,

I think you are misunderstanding the complexity of your questions.

About the third bullet, the problem of stoping at waypoints with path planner enabled, it is an old open issue at copter and rover and as soon as you try to develop some new code for it, you will not get rid of it.

About the parameters themselves, it is only the tip of the iceberg. For instance, AVOID_ENABLE is the bitmask to define which will be the sources of information for the collision avoidance system. OA_TYPE will define which path planner algorithm (Bendy Ruler or Djikstra or both) to use for collision avoidance in autonomous mode (Auto, Guided and RTL) and changing it from 0 will make visible a lot of new parameters to properly setup your system. The PRX_ parameters are hardware-dependent of which kind of proximity sensor you are installing in your drone or simulation. The PRX_IGN_GND has the function to ignore obstacles when you’re flying lower than 1 meter of height.

Try to take a look in the Collision avoidance page insidere dev and user guides, I think they can help you.