Parameter's options and description (texts) are not displayed

Hello!! I have installed the last Mission Planner’s version 1.3.39 on my Windows 10 v.1607 but I observe into the panels Config Tuning->Full Parameter List or Full parameter Tree that the columns Units , Options and Desc are empty . Only the columns Command and Value are displayed. The different flight modes are empty too, in the panel “Flight Modes” and of course cannot be easy changed. I don’t know if it is a W10 problem , but trying Mission Planner with the compatibilities 7 or 8 did’nt solve the problem . And same thing after an complete MP deinstall and reinstall . Thanks !!

please press control-f > then click “param gen”

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Sorry , I have seen your answer too late. Meanwhile , I have recently updated MP to version 1.3.41 ( and of course
received some W10 corrections). And that’s OK now. Unfortunatly , I cannot tell if is was due to windows or the former MP version.