Parameters not loading with latest qgc for android

Hello all.

With the latest version of QGC, I am unable to load parameters for arduplane 4.0.7 plane with rfd900x attached to a dronebridge wifi relay via a wifi tcp connections. The values are displayed such as attitude etc. But the parameters fail to load at any cost. The mavlink status shows 0% packets dropped. QGC displays error something like the remote vehicle did not respond to request for parameters.

What OS version of QGC are you using?

Also I assume you are talking about QGC 4.1.0 version. Can you go back and forth with 4.0.11 and 4.1 without changing anything else and 4.0.11 works but 4.1 does not?

That is correct. I am using 4.1.0 at the moment. It updated automatically. Did not change anything. Used previously saved connection profile and it did not load parameters. Tried changing the mavlink id from 254 (previously working with last version) to 250 as well. Did not work.
Dont know how roll back to the last version of qgc

Perhaps you mean to say am i using 32 or 64 bit. I am using 64bit

You can get old version APKs here: Uninstall first and reinstall.

I think 4.1 has a bug with TCP connections. Trying to reproduce now.

Okayy. Away from lab at the moment. Can report in about 12 to 13 hours.

I can confirm its working with QGC v 4.0.11 TCP connection.
In QGC version 4.1.0, tcp doesnt work. However the UDP connections work.

Still working on verifying the fix:

@Sunny52266 If you have the ability to test a Windows version that would be helpful. Please post results in the pull request.