Parameters gone for Setting up landing gear?


I want to set up landing gear as in the docs:

But I am missing parameters in the full parameter list. Here is a screen shot of the older firmware and 3.5:

Is the name changed or is this a bug?

Yes it’s changed, it’s SERVO9_FUNCTION now. Docs should be updated.

I have seen this funtion in the tree list but there are no options mentioned:

It is not functioning as expected when I fill in 29. What value is needed here?

When tinkering on the work bench with MP connected I am able to switch the landing gear once from the controller, but after that it won’t work anymore.

So it seems the mapping is ok but there is something else preventing the landing gear from deploying.

What can be the problem?

Problem solved.

Tha range of lgr-servo-deploy was set to high.