Parameters for automatic height control

I know that in the autopilot mode, the control hardness in the direction of the aircraft can be set by changing the parameters in NAVL1, so which parameter is the control hardness in the altitude set? PID of PITCH?
Because I have a plane, it flies very stable in FBWA mode. But in the fixed height mode of FBWB, it will want to go wavy with surfing, and the height error is about 5 meters. And the throttle also goes up and down. Horizontal and six-sided calibrations are fine. Of course, this is the only one of my dozens of planes that has problems with altitude control.
But I still want to know if there are highly controlled parameters that can be set? Similar to NAVL1 for horizontal control.

Ask and answer yourself. This parameter has been found. It should be the parameter in TECS, which can set the problem I am worried about