Parameter which decreases the idle PWM to the motors

Is there a parameter where you can decrease the PWM value when the copter is in idle?

The pwm value in idle mode is too high for my ESC’s, and due to factory limitations I cannot calibrate the “especially (and annoyingly) multicopter-made” ESC’s (Jeti 30A multicopter ESC’s).

The ESC’s are confused by this “high” pwm output at startup and the motors will therefore not spin. If I run the APM ESC calibration routine I can get the motors to spin if the esc’s at some point sees a signal below approximately 950 us (produced by my RC).

I have set the parameters ArduCopter:THR_MIN to 1 and MOT_SPIN_ARMED to 0 (do not spin). What else can I do to decrease the idle pwm-output from the pixhawk?

I am using the 3.1.5 APM software. Hope you can give me some inputs to solve this issue.

  • Rune

I solved the issue. I expanded my RC throttle range to 125%, and then recalibrated my RC inputs to the APM. This lowered the minimum pwm output to the motors.

How about increasing the end points of your throttle channel on your radio and calibrating again? Most modern radio’s can push the end points to about 120-150%, that would increase your low end and upper end.