Parameter Tree not editable in latest beta

I just downloaded the latest beta (Help/Check for BETA updates)

The Parameter Tree page displays correctly but the values are not editable.
Have to go to the full parameter list to edit values.
Win 7 laptop connected to PH2.1 running 3.44

Just checked with latest BETA on Win 7 Desktop connected to pH1 and ParamTree was editable.

Not sure whats going on there.

nothing has technically changed on this front. ie I hasn’t made changes to the screen in some time. so have no idea what could be going on

The desktop version is running under a VM on a Mac.

I will try uninstall on the laptop and a fresh re-install to see if that clears it up.

Hello, I uninstalled, deleted the installation directory, cleande the registry with CCleaner then downloaded the latest version of Mission Planner at January the 28th but the parameter tree view is disappeared :frowning: the full parameter list too.

So, there is some troubleshooting to find teh issue ?

I’m using a PC with Win10 64Bit

I hope in an answer, thanks

The option to see the full lists and other “advanced” features has been moved to the Mission Planner Setup page.

Just look for the advanced setting in the drop down menu.

Thanks for your suggestion.
The topic is solved !