Parameter problem

Hi everyone.
Today I started again after summer break. However, inoticed that the BCN (beacon parameters) disappeared from the list. I thought it could be a problem of the latest version of AP. I rebooted the board (fmuv2) and installed first ArduCopter 4.2 then 4.1 and finally 4.0. However, the BCN_TYPE parameter is not available.I tried also one personal build and an old set of parameters i saved, however, the ones i am interested in “are missing”. Any suggestion? Thank you for helping

What flight controller? Chances are it was feature limited out.

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Pixhawk 2.4.8. I don’t think that is the problem, since i already used it with BCNs

SOLVED IT. Even if my board should be fmuv2, i changed to fmuv3. Now the BCN paramters are shown.

Right, feature limited out. Pixhawk 1 is the correct the firmware for that FC.