Parameter for Precision Land

I am currently having some issues with Precision Land in 3.5.4. My copter sees the beacon at 15 meters but loses it at 7 meters and below. It appears that it is moving away from the beacon… I noticed a parameter PLND_CAM_POS_X in the PLND group of functions. My IR Lock is mounted all the way on the back of my Quad. **Could this be the problem? Do I need to put a negative number in for
PLND_CAM_POS_X since my sensor is on the back and not in the center? And are we sure this should be in Meters and not CM?

Many thanks,


Found out that the solution was very simple. I had the sensor mounted 180 degrees the incorrect way. Remounted and flawless. I have a question about Precision Loiter. It I set my channel 7 switch which is mapped to my radio in Mission planner to 39: Precision Landing, is that all I need to do? I am getting very accurate precision landings but when I engage channel 7 I do not get preision Loiter.No change in flight mode at all. Am I missing something?? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks -JEFF

all working fine now thank you