Parameter files in SITL


a major feature of a SITL simulation certainly is the chance to manipulate ardupilot (flight controller) and frame (vehicle) parameters and watch the impact on vehicle behavior.

Having setup SITL via cygwin on my Windows computer I found the related files in the ardupilot directory (e.g. folder “default_params” and “aircraft”). However, starting SITL directly via Mission Planner I found only one file “plane.parm” in folder “default_params” and no frame parameters at all in the related Misison Planner folder on my computer.

The simulation nevertheless works for “Plane”, however I wonder where the frame parameters come from. The same applies to the other frame types, where even no ardupilot parameters are given.

As a control engineer it is quite obvious to me that there need to be controller (ardupilot) parameters and system (frame) parameters. However for users with different background it might be helpful to have a very distinct differentiation betweeen both sets and related files (which to me is a general shortcoming in the SITL documentation).

Helpful comments would be appreciated.