Parameter fetch retry?

I am new to QGC, but impressed with its capabilities thus far on my Samsung S7 Android phone, connecting to Arduplane latest via Dragonlink NanoRx and its Bluetooth bidirectional telemetry. Though BT connection seems brittle, and params fetch often fails. Parameters fetch is a slam dunk with USB OTG, but I want to use Bluetooth. If params fetch fails, there seems to be no “retry” function. Is that something we might see down the road?


Make sure you use the latest version of arduplane

My suggestion is an enhancement request to the QGC dev team. What does that have to do with the version of ArduPlane I am running? FWIW, I am running the latest ArduPlane.


If a param fetch fails in QGC, usually due to “noise” on the link, you can refresh the params by going to the parameters button, and there is a Tools button on the top right. Click on that and you should see an option to refresh the params and try again.

Refresh from Tools button won’t quite get you everything I think. You may get full param list to download but it won’t light up setup ui if that works. Only full retry is to reconnect. If you are using autoconnect then that means QGC restart. Does this problem only show withthe BT link not over USB? Most likely noise problem but could be bug in BT link implementation since that doesn’t get used much.

The problem only occurs with BT. USB is bomb-proof. I also noticed that if I connect via USB, QGC will start automatically, which is nice. If I start QGC without USB connected, and in prior sessions my connection was via BT, it would be nice if it auto-connected to same BT serial link as before.

How hard is it for failed fetch to be retried and if successful, full functionality ensues? Meaning setup UI.


My guess is that if it fails due to a noisy link trying it again is not going to make it work. QGC already internally retries 5 times if it misses a parameter. Hence there is no retry capability built into QGC since it will just lead to the same result 99% of the time. I don’t have anything to test Bluetooth with any more so I can’t try this out myself.

Thanks for your response. Agree that if it’s trying 5x on a miss, chances of success on retry are low. I should video the behavior and put it on youtube for you. Maybe the gradual decay would provide a clue.


If you do that can you put it into a QGC GitHub Issues with details. Then maybe I can find someone who has a BT thingy can help with the testing.