Parameter downloading slow with bluetooth

Using Andropilot with bluetooth module directly connected tot apm with arducopter 3.0.1.
Tested with Nexus 7 2013 and Galaxy S3, both Android 4.3.

It takes a couple of minutes to download the parameters. Not usable.
I also tested it with droidplanner and then it is fast.

Yeah - It is a bit slow, because it is retrying until it has all the parameters. The bluetooth link drops packets when the vehicle tries to spew out the 300ish parameters all in one go. In Andropilot it retries up to ten downloads until it has all the parameters. Droidplanner downloads once and just ignores the missing parameters…

Do you always request the whole parameter list until you have everything or do you just re-request the missing params?

Hi Stefan,

I have code in there for both options, but currently I always request the full list. The reason is that older arducopter builds didn’t support the message for read param by ID (it only implemented the read all params option). Good point - in next weeks build I’ll turn this back on as a option.

Hi Stefan and Peter,

I’ve just released a beta with a fix for this (so now it is still correct, but much faster on bluetooth and regular). Thanks so much for your help!


  • Use param by value to fetch params (I had turned this off a long time ago because old AC builds didn’t support this). Now that those old <2.93 builds are gone I can turn this back on - MUCH FASTER PARAMETER DOWNLOADS - especially for bluetooth! (Thanks to Stefan and Peter for asking for this)
  • Fix problems where new state machine would get confused if you attached to a vehicle that was already
    half way through downloading parameters.

Great, thanks! Do I need to compile it myself or are there prebuild apks?

Hi Peter,

You can build it yourself (which would be awesome - see the readme and developers guide in github). Or the beta is up now on google play (you’ll need to do the two steps listed in the article below to sign into the test group):

Just tested it and it is much faster. From 3 minutes to 55 seconds.
And I do not get all the question mark parameters anymore. Thanks!

But the progress bar indicates you do it twice. Or is the second time the missing parameters?

yep - the second time is getting the missing params.