Parameter Changes?


Why change batt_amp_pervolt to batt_amp_pervlt? Also why the changes to FS_Batt_Voltage?

Also, am I alone in not liking the use of expandable parameters. I have to enable battery monitor, then reboot to configure the monitor. Previously I did not have to. This type of parameter roll up makes sense for things like q_modes but surely most people will use battery monitor and the added reboot during programming is annoying. If there is a technical reason for this, my apologies, but if this is an attempt at QOL improvement, I do not like it.

Also, where can I download 3.8.5 in the historical repo only the latest is saved, not stable, as far as I can tell.


Yes, there are technical reasons for that.

What do you mean by “expandable parameters” ?

In this case. You have to select an option for BATT_MONITOR then reboot, before you have access to BATT_VOLT_MULT and BATT_AMP_PERVLT to configure the battery monitor. Previously you were able to change all of these without a reboot.

This means that if you want to write params to your uav using a .params file, you get an error message saying BATT_VOLT_MULT is missing. You must reboot, then write the file again. OR have two separate .params files to load one to enable all the options, then one to configure the options that are now enabled.

that must be some crazy GCS idea, just use APMPlanner2 or QGgroundControl, and “full parameter list”

I don’t think you need to reboot, but instead just refresh parameters and the unlocked ones will appear. I have certainly seen this with recent dev versions I am running on ChibiOS versions for F4 flight controllers which have OSD parameters.

Yep Refresh works! Thanks, still annoying you cant use one parameter file without throwing a missing parameter error.

“Battery voltage that triggers a critical battery failsafe. Set to 0 to disable. If the battery voltage drops below this voltage continuously for more then the period specified by the @”

“By the @” What does this mean? I am asuming I am looking for a Batt_CRT_Timer… Cannot find it.

That reference is a truncated copy of what’s in the wiki. See here :

Ah so BATT_CRT_xxx and BATT_LOW_xxx both use BATT_LOW_TIMER. Not confusing at all. Gotcha. Was expecting BATT_LOW_TIMER to be BATT_LOW_xxx parameters specific. Perhaps BATT_FS_TIMER or similar would have been a better choice. :thinking:

EDIT: Also 126 views and no one can tell me where I can download the most previous stable firmware. 3.8.5 px4 v2 fmuv2. This is frustrating :tired_face: