Param Motor_spin_arm missing

I have a new build with Mamba H7 stack. When I tried to test motors I get Par Mot_spin_arm missing. I looked in the tree config and all Motor parameters are missing. I have 4.3.4 Firmware.
Any suggestions please. Thanks.!Ar0Dze7UkRMghvVPnprlfzXPREVKSg?e=OWMzLI

Make sure you didn’t load plane

I loaded the copter file as attached in the image. Is there a way to check in MP if firm
ware is for plane or Copter? Thank for the reply!Ar0Dze7UkRMghvVZuy1bkgzt6I3YLA?e=SLBUhq

You are loading the Traditional Helicopter firmware. Get the multirotor one here:
Mamba H743 Copter

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Thanks. Downloaded the right file. It is working ok now.