Param EK3_SRC(x) not found

I was following the guide in here to set up gps/non-gps driving, but Mission Planner’s Full Parameter List does not show any of the EK3_SRC parameters. Even after setting EK3_ENABLE = 1 and restarting.

Is there anything I’m missing?

I attached the current param file, as exported by Mission Planner.
params.param (16.4 KB)

Hi @Pedro_Ribeiro,

Can you tell me which autopilot and version of ArduPilot that you’re using? If possible provide an onboard log (aka dataflash log) because this has tons of information which helps us with analysis.

I’m using Ardurover 4.1.0. I’ve provided a dataflash log below.

Hi @Pedro_Ribeiro,

This is a non-standard version of AP from Mar 2020 (two years ago) before the EK3_SRC feature was added. If you can upgrade to 4.1.5 then I think you’ll find the EK3_SRC parameters are there.

Thank you, changing versions has fixed the issue.

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