Parachute release half working

Seen this before, but wondered if would be addressed in 3.5. Manually deploying chute works fine, but auto detection doesn’t. Rotating the unit beyond 20 degrees will just disarm and the hud relays a crash has be detected. It’s funny, some firmware versions it works and others it doesn’t lol.

Hi there, ok thanks for the report.

We did make some changes to improve the parachute auto deployment in AC3.5 (commit link).

I wonder if perhaps the improvement isn’t visible because of the way the test is being performed. To be more specific, if the vehicle thinks it’s landed it will immediately disarm the vehicle without releasing the parachute. To get around this, it would be good to arm the vehicle (with props off) and raise the throttle above 50%. It’s actually not necessary to even have the battery attached I think, “Parachute: Released” should be displayed on the HUD if it thinks it has deployed the chute.

Note also that the vehicle must think that it’s falling (or at least not climbing). It’s possible with some barometer drift that a vehicle sitting on the ground may appear to be climbing slightly and may cause the chute to not deploy.

I’ll do some more testing. I’d pick it up and move around a bit before tilting it over. I’ll make sure it’s over 50% and simulate it falling. Thanks!

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I have the same problem.
I am trying to test my parachute functionality and I can’t get the drone to release the parachute.
I removed the props, armed the drone (throttle 100%), lifted it manually in the air and then simulated the altitude loss and tilt over 30 degrees. It does detect the crash event and disarms the motors but does not release the parachute, even though parachute is enabled (CHTE_ENABLED=1, CHUTE_ALT_MIN=0, CHUTE_DELAY_MS=0, CHUTE_TYPE=10).
Is this the bug in the firmware? I am using 3.5.7 version.

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EDIT: When I set it up manually it does trigger the parachute.