Parachute recovery or landing. When?

Dear users and dev team,
I think not only me are interested in implemention of the parachute recovery or regular parachute landing to APM plane. Is there any intention in developing of this part of firmware?
Thanks for answer!

It wouldn’t be difficult at all. Most accelerometers contain free-fall detection capability so it can detect when the object is in freefall. Of course, you could define additional trigger conditions for parachute deployment. For example, you could use a laser rangefinder (very inexpensive) combined with telemetry to detect when a collision is imminent and automatically cut power to the motors and deploy the shoot.

I’m not sure how you would rig the parachute though. Probably a very small gas canister or charge of some sort.

I am working on my own drone and I do intend to add this as a feature via software.