Parachute not working

For the life of me, I can’t get the parachute release to work. Worked in 3.3. Min alt set to 0, pwm set, type 10 for servo, rcfunc9 27, channel 8 set to 22… And nothing. Power up and physically lift the copter around a bit and put it back down softly, but engaging the chute release it just stops the motors and disarms. Nothing displayed on the hud other than disarmed.

Just tried it on two other units that were running 3.3.3 and neither deploy the chute. I’m running 3.4rc2 for precision geotagging otherwise I’d just switch back to 3.3.3.

Oh man, was that stupid. My pwm was like 2 short…like 1702. I always thought these were triggered at 1500. My bad. Chutes work great on 3.4!

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So I got the parachutes to launch manually. Works great. But test the auto ejection, all I get is “crash disarming” on the hud and the motors stop. It would be nice if the motors are going to stop that the parachute is ejected. Not sure if this is a 3.4 issue as this test would fail sometimes in 3.3. Any thoughts? Or just keep the radio really close lol!

Thanks for the report.
Ok, I think you’ve raised a very good issue here (which I’ve added to the to-do list) The parachute check and the crash-check are quite separate which is not great.

My guess is the reason it didn’t deploy is that the parachute-check checks that the vehicle is not climbing (according to the baro). So if if the baro reported that it was climbing a couple of times during the 1~2 seconds that it’s deciding whether to disarm and/or deploy the parachute, then it could choose just to disarm.

If you have a dataflash log I can look at that would be nice although not a requirement.

Thanks for testing this by the way!

I think this issue is still present! Im doing the tests by arming in stabilize, then rotating the quad more than 20 degrees and i get a crash and disarming motors but not releasing parachute!

Im in beta 4.1 and manual tests with the remote do release the parachute.

Here is the log

Maybe Im missing something or the documentation (here is outdated, how can i test the automatic deployment of chute?