Parachute landing

It would be very good if the community has supported my idea . Add MISSION PLANNER button emergency landing on a parachute. With protection against accidental activation. Very often , especially in the auto mission all the attention focused on the GCS. This gives an additional chance for salvation.

Yes that would be a good idea, you could always have it on a separate switch as of course if your GCS link went down it would still not work.

Many people , including myself , use ARDUPILOT for aerial mapping. I do not use the RC remote control in automatic mission. Only the data link.
Call the parachute can be earlier than the height will be too small to break radio link.
This will help in such cases, when a bad GPS, icing airspeed tube , etc.

This repeats the remote control,
increasing the chances of survival.

Well yes but legally speaking is the GCS radio link the approved C2 link or the traditional TX…

It’s would be a great improvement, there are some reason to not implemented this yet? Lika as security or some one else?