Parachute / Cam Trig / Aux_pin help

I have a holybro pixhawk 4 running arduplane 4.1

I had everything working on the previous version of a pixhawk and an earlier version of arduplane (3.8 I think)

Now I can’t seem to get the parachute to release. Set to RC10 for trigger, servo 7 from IO PWM out connector. I see the parachute release message from rc10 in the messages, but no servo movement and no message on my overlay or Yapuu telemetry. (Min alt set to 0m)

Similarly, I have a sony rx1r2 that should be getting triggered via multiport interface and feedback on hotshoe. I have BRD_PWM =2 and the trigger relay set to aux3 (the 3rd connector on FMU PWM OUT)
My cam feedback on the next pin aux4.

When I manually short my trigger pin and gnd the camera focuses and triggers. I have not been able to trigger the camera from the gui.

What am I doing wrong? I suspect it is in the AUX pin mapping. The posts I have read don’t make much sense to me.


BelieverCamPara.param (17.6 KB)

The pin itself has no voltage. Have you connect any power to it?

I usually connect to fmu pins servo 9 to 16. You need addition 5v+ and 5v- connected.

I did jumper my servo power over to the second break out. But that would have been a good catch.

Issue SOLVED. It was the AUX pin mapings

please tell me how to resolve issue. i am facing deploy parachute in auto mode .and with manual deploy.

A few things have changed. The new firmware fixes the auto deploy on boot. Second there is a item that keeps the parachute open forever once released.

CHUTE_OPTIONS: Parachute options
Optional behaviour for parachute
Bit Meaning

0 hold open forever after release

Those two should fix it for you.