Pan servo centering offset

No idea how to set the topic properly, so I’ll try to explain.
Got my cameras on a servo set as pan servo in the configurator controller by RC Channel. To make it center I had to adjust the endpoints because centering the servo in configurator does not work.
For the moment I have range of around 600 - 2400 us and this allows for almost 270deg rotation with servo centering at 1500us.
However I wanted to have it a bit different - have the servo center at 1000us so as a result I would have it rotate more to one side and less to the other. This way (perfectly would be 90deg left , 180 right) I could take a look at the tail of my plane.
I can do it in my transmitter but since I use one OpenTX model for every AP plane this won’t work.

Is there a way in AP to set the servo center position at around 1000us? Something like a bit of subtrim…

Could you not just reposition the servo horn on the servo with an offset? or program your transmitter with an offset.

Thinking about it I don’t that’ll work with what you’re trying to do

Repositioning horn will be necessary. I control the camera with a slider so I still want middle slider position to be camera pointing straight forward. I just need AP to think then that at this slider position the servo should be around 1000us, not 1500us.

I can do it on my tx easily but that means having to switch between OpenTX models which I’d like to avoid if possible.

fortunately you can, use “Camera Gimbal” for you to solve your problem
like i did (please skip to @2:00) use min max to centering
you don’t even have to set anything on your TX (keep it default)

*i used for roll but that was the samething

Thank you, but this is not what I’m looking for. I’ll keep searching.