Pairing DX4e to OrangeRx satellite reciever

I’m trying to use an Orange Rx satellite receiver with the Ardupilot 2.5.
I’ve connected the input (white) to input 1 and put a jumper on 2 and 3, while powering the receiver through black and red.
Now I’m trying to pair the receiver with my controller and are unable to figure out how to put the transmitter in bind mode.
Any ideas?

/ Gustaf

I am using a Spektrum satellite receiver with my PX4 FMU/IO board.
To get my R/C transmitter to bind to the satellite, I hooked the satellite to a standard master Spetkrum receiver that uses a satellite input and bound the two to the transmitter. I then disconnected the satellite from the master receiver and hooked it to the PPM input of the PX4 FMU/I/O. When I started up the PX4 with the R/C transmitter on, the satellite linked to the transmitter and I was able to calibrate the transmitter in the MP CLI.