[Paid] Developer for automating waypoint management

I’m looking for a developer with experience creating and sending MAVLINK commands to an Ardupilot. Specifically we’re trying to automate a rover by allowing new commands that come in through a 5G internet connection to get translated into mavlink waypoint commands by a companion computer that can plug in directly to a pixhawk/cube orange.

In this way we’d have a rover on a mission that hops waypoint to waypoint as new move commands come into a queue, and then be able to monitor progress via ground control software.

I could use help with this right away!
Get in touch at alan@13protons.com

Attach companion computer to pixhawk, attach 5g dongle to companion computer, install ZeroTier on the companion computer and on your remote laptiop, and sign them both up to the same secured ‘virtual network’. connect GCS via UDP to 5g-zerotier-companion computer, which then runs mavlink or mavrouter to turn the mavlink-over-udp to mavlink-over-serial. anything unclear… read the manuals, or google it. :slight_smile:


Thank you to all who reached out, we’re no longer need help with MAVlink.