Own Design Quadplane Build

Been Building my own design tiltmotor quadplane. Today it was time for a hover test.

Arduplane 2.8.5
Weight 2.1kg (Complete Design Weight 2.5kg)
Wingspan 2.4m
Props 11x4.7 APC Multirotor

Wanted to get a test hover before finishing the covering to check for design issues and if it would actually fly.

Hovered at 50% stick but did notice a vibration in one of the rear motors

Will post updates as the rest of the build progresses.

Thanks to all the developers really impressive!

David Ardis


Awesome job, I can’t wait to see her transition to forward flight!

To me it sounds as if you have some resonancy going on, you might need to stiffen your booms that hold the motors?

Already done it came from the back left boom Have it stiffened just waiting for the glue to dry