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Own Design Quadplane Build

(David Ardis) #1

Been Building my own design tiltmotor quadplane. Today it was time for a hover test.

Arduplane 2.8.5
Weight 2.1kg (Complete Design Weight 2.5kg)
Wingspan 2.4m
Props 11x4.7 APC Multirotor

Wanted to get a test hover before finishing the covering to check for design issues and if it would actually fly.

Hovered at 50% stick but did notice a vibration in one of the rear motors

Will post updates as the rest of the build progresses.

Thanks to all the developers really impressive!

David Ardis

(Matt K.) #2

Awesome job, I can’t wait to see her transition to forward flight!

(Christian Labeck) #3

To me it sounds as if you have some resonancy going on, you might need to stiffen your booms that hold the motors?

(David Ardis) #4

Already done it came from the back left boom Have it stiffened just waiting for the glue to dry