Overlap in Mission Planner

Hey guys I am having a small issue where certain things in mission planner are overlapping causing you not to be able to read certain things. I am running windows 10 with resolution at 1920x1080. Screenshot is included.

There have been issues with 1.3.41
Try scrolling through all parameters and see if you get this effect:

If you do, only option is to roll back to 1.3.40.

Yes That does happen to me. only if I am fullscreen or windowed over a certain size. How do I roll back? Can I do it in the app or do I have to go and download 1.3.40?

Well turns out if you run mission planner in compatibility mode for windows 8. It solves the issue. I just thought about it…been looking for a solution to this for a while now…lol. Sometimes it is just the simplest things… Took care of the issue you showed as well.

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