"overflow in thread FTP" after upgrading mavproxy

I just upgraded mavproxy on Ubuntu 18 using “pip3 install upgrade mavproxy”. (I also upgraded the python 2 libraries as well.) I am running SITL with Copter-4.0. When I run it now, I get this error in the SITL window:

Serial port 3 on TCP port 5763
validate_structures:411: Validating structures
Loaded defaults from /home/rrr6399/3dr/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/default_params/copter.parm,/home/rrr6399/3dr/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/default_params/copter-hexa.parm
stack overflow in thread FTP

Running: sh dumpstack 3558 >segv_arducopter.3558.out 2>&1

I tried it with Python 2 and 3 and even performed a clean build of ArduCopter. Any ideas what would cause this?

It appears that is a problem with MAVProxy 1.8.19, but not 1.8.18. I reverted to 1.8.18 and it works fine now.

This is fixed by this PR. I’m just using a local branch for SITL testing right now until this makes it into a release.

It is also discussed in this issue.

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The problem isn’t MAVProxy here.

The new MAVProxy is trying to use the “ftp” module to download parameters
really fast.

Sadly, you appear to be using a version of ArduPilot which is faulty.

I’m really, really hoping you’re not running today’s master branch; we
fixed an overflow many weeks ago in that area.

Try updating to today’s master and see what happens?

What version were you running?


I’m using the Copter-4.0 branch. Should it work on that branch or only on Master?

There’s no excuse for a stack overflow in any of our current branches.

The patch I thought ought to fix this problem is present in the 4.0.3
branch (tag, actually):

Was this the change in GCS_FTP.cpp that was supposed to fix the issue:

   if (!hal.scheduler->thread_create(FUNCTOR_BIND_MEMBER(&GCS_MAVLINK::ftp_worker, void),
                                      "FTP", 3072, AP_HAL::Scheduler::PRIORITY_IO, 0)) {
        goto failed;

It was, yes. Has that not fixed the problem for you? Because that would
be a really serious issue for us.


I am also seeing this error at commit c9d8edda4 (ArduPlane-4.0.4) and mavproxy 1.8.19, running in SITL, starting with sim_vehicle.py -v ArduPlane

I just pulled and ran Copter-4.0 branch and plane4.0 branches in SITL and got the stack overflow from FTP. I am using master branch mavproxy, but I recall from a few weeks ago I got the same result from running MissionPlanner latest beta. Master branch plane SITL works just fine.

I crossed this with @tridge - it’s apparently a false-positive as you can
make that stack as large as you like and you’ll still get the error.

This is still absolutely no good - we don’t want people ignoring these or
thinking they’re, “just something ArduPilot says”.

I’ll try to track it down in the next week.

… or today…

So I thought this felt familiar. Here’s the PR that went into master;
I’ve marked it for back-porting into Plane 4.0

Yep. You mentioned earlier in a github comment that commit f504009 “fixes” it. Fetching that commit into Plane Stable works great for me. Windows 10 1909 running WSL1 with Ubuntu 18.04.