Over tightening of motor screws?

Just wondering how tight the motor mount screws can go. I was preflighting and I noticed two of the motors were just a little loose. (My iris has about 15 hours 1 minor crash). One motor I tightened the screws and it fits snug the other I’ve tightened as much as I’m comfortable and it still rattles just a little. I don’t want to strip the Allen wrench socket. All other motors are snug.

Thanks in advance

If a screw is turning after you’ve applied a lot of force you’ve probably stripped the threads, I accidentally did the same when replacing the screws so I’ve had to buy a new motor, at least the motors are cheap enough.

You should tight enough you can! If you feel, anyways, you already stripped on your shaft’s screws, please contact to help@3drobotics.com to ask for a shaft replacement including a picture or video for clearer explanation.

Aso remember to use the smaller inner diameter ring on your props in order to assure that your props won’t get loose during or after you flights!