Over-heating Pixhawk Quadcopter

I have an S500 quadcopter with an original Pixhawk board and standard 3DR style power cable. I have Sunnysky V2814-11 motors and 60A ESCs (SimonK, as far as I can tell). I have a printed circuit board power distribution board PDB), a 5,000 mah 3S battery, and a FlySky radio with PPM out of the receiver. In other words, it is about as plain vanilla as can be. Everything seems to check out in Misson Planner. The problem comes when I switch on the power. After a few seconds, I start to get the odor of burning electronic components, the Pixhawk warms up, the power cable gets warm, one of the ESCs gets noticably warm (the one closest to where the battery feeds into the PDB), and the first time I turned it on, the motor attached to the warm ESC started to smoke. At that point, I immediately switch off the power. I have swapped out the ESC and motor that seemed to have over-heating problems, with the same results. I never had these problems with my 3DR Y-6 with APM 2.8. What could be happening with the Pixhawk system?

Not on pixhawk system , there is problem on your pdb board or you soldier swipe the + and - wire to battery original + and - look at the red goes to red and black goes to back i mean pdb say + so red wire and - = black wire

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: