Output servo values of Hover motors stays at 1000 (VTOL) : unable to arm?

I’m building a VTOL Mini Talon, but output of servo motors (motor 1 to 4) stays at value 1000 in mission planner.
In FBWA or MANUAL mode, servos and rear motor are OK.
But in QSTABILIZE mode, I don’t succed to arm motors… PWM value stays at 1000.

Maybe my rudder arming is not working ? (I have done a radio calibration).

I would like to analyse logs to know if I correctly arm the Pixhawk, but I don’t know where to look.

On the same way, impossible to calibrate ESC motor with Q_ESC_CAL=1.

Any ideas ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I finally re flash the last firmware and re initialized all parameters.
It is now working well !

Hello i have the same problem but not solved by reflashing what can i do?!