Output PWM to Aux1-4

Picked up the Tarot 690 build again, but for some reason I cant get PWM-signals to the Brushless Gimbal through Aux 1-2. Have set RC9_function to 56 and RC10_function to 58. Using a Spectrum DX8 and want to run Tilt on Ch6 and Yaw on Ch8. I can see that radio signal reach the Pixhawk in MP Radio setup.

I have also tried Optional hardware ->Camera Gimbal, but without success (no stabilize check boxes).

Also have issues with retractable Landing gear. Have set Ch7_opt to 29 and rc12_function to 29, but doesnt help. Do I need to power the Pixhawk with separate 5V through Aux 6 or is Battery monitor sufficient.^

Do you think I have done what is required, or do you have any idea what I should change? I really dont want to put a separate Rx to get the signals even if that is my rescue option.

Please check this parameter value for your configuration