Output PWM motor control with tgy Firmware


I would like to change the frequency of the OUTPUT PWM from the ESC to the motor.
I’m using the TGY firmware with a AfroESC 30A. The documentation says the default PWM Frequency is 18kHz and can be modified.
From my understanding, there are two parameters which affect for the output pwm.

from the tgy.asm:

An input FULL to STOP range of 800 plus
a MIN_DUTY of 56 (a POWER_RANGE of 856) gives 800 unique PWM steps at an
about 18kHz on a 16MHz CPU clock


; Minimum PWM on-time (too low and FETs won’t turn on, hard starting)
.if !defined(MIN_DUTY)
.equ MIN_DUTY = 56 * CPU_MHZ / 16

; Number of PWM steps (too high and PWM frequency drops into audible range)
.if !defined(POWER_RANGE)
.equ POWER_RANGE = 800 * CPU_MHZ / 16 + MIN_DUTY

Is changing MIN_DUTY to 100 from 56 (I’m guessing 56us) would give me a motor frequency of 10kHz ?
Should I also change the number of step ? Or both are unrelated ?

Thank for your help.