Output data from the log

Hi there

I am looking to extract data from a log file to an excel compatible format

I just would like different columns for :

  • Date
  • Time
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Altitude

I already managed to convert the GPX file, but it doesn’t have the full time, the milliseconds are missing

Do you have any idea on how I could do that ?



With mission planner and the GPS filter, I have exactly what I want, but can’t export it

The mavlogdump.py tool from pymavlink will do this. It requires use of the command line but isn’t too difficult. It’s available in the pymavlink github reposity here:


It’s in the tools/ directory. You’ll need python installed to use it, and you’ll need to install pymavlink per the instructions. I used the following command to pull the GPS data into a CSV file for one of my dataflash logs.

python mavlogdump.py --types GPS --format csv FILE.BIN > FILE.CSV

These instructions aren’t comprehensive so let me know if you need help.

Thanks a lot, just tried it this morning and it’s working perfectly.

But i can’t seems to show the date and time using libre office calc with the time-stamp column. I tried all kind of cells format and no luck so far.

I found a way :wink:

A new column with “=A2/86400+25569” then use the column format HH:MM:SS,000

Great! Glad you worked it out. Thanks for the tip on the timestamps.

i want to extract gps point have a draw, but when i run the mavlogdump.py it has a error, could you give some advice? grateful for your help.

hi. can i know how do you extract data from a log file to an excel compatible format.i ve been try various way but still did not find any solution.tq

Hi there,

Try the technique of James Mack under ubuntu, you can even do it using a virtual machine.