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Output data from the log

(Benjamin Mathon) #1

Hi there

I am looking to extract data from a log file to an excel compatible format

I just would like different columns for :

  • Date
  • Time
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Altitude

I already managed to convert the GPX file, but it doesn’t have the full time, the milliseconds are missing

Do you have any idea on how I could do that ?



(Benjamin Mathon) #2

With mission planner and the GPS filter, I have exactly what I want, but can’t export it

(James Mack) #3

The tool from pymavlink will do this. It requires use of the command line but isn’t too difficult. It’s available in the pymavlink github reposity here:

It’s in the tools/ directory. You’ll need python installed to use it, and you’ll need to install pymavlink per the instructions. I used the following command to pull the GPS data into a CSV file for one of my dataflash logs.

python --types GPS --format csv FILE.BIN > FILE.CSV

These instructions aren’t comprehensive so let me know if you need help.

(Benjamin Mathon) #4

Thanks a lot, just tried it this morning and it’s working perfectly.

But i can’t seems to show the date and time using libre office calc with the time-stamp column. I tried all kind of cells format and no luck so far.

(Benjamin Mathon) #5

(Benjamin Mathon) #6

I found a way :wink:

A new column with “=A2/86400+25569” then use the column format HH:MM:SS,000

(James Mack) #7

Great! Glad you worked it out. Thanks for the tip on the timestamps.

(lmy) #8

i want to extract gps point have a draw, but when i run the it has a error, could you give some advice? grateful for your help.