Outdated board - USB connection failure

mission planner no longer detects my ardupilot card, previously it did, but after connecting a battery sensor or meidor, the mission planner no longer detects it

@martin_eduardo_lopez would you please explain little bit more?
About which FC, Firmware? And other details

of course, I have the ardupilot 2.8 board with me,
previously already avia linked the (controller 2.8 ardupilot) to mission planer,
later I bought a power module for ardupilot amp 2.5 and connected it to the controller, later I no longer established a connection with mission planer


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these are my components, I’m building a plane

the problem is that when I connect the controller to my pc if it detects it, but mission planer does not detect the port. and I can’t access to program my controller.

However, when connecting my telemtry usb if it is detected by mission planer


Hope you are using windows,
In windows open device manager goto ports and connect apm to pc, if you can see port detected or not by pc… Also check the port number is right.

I get the controller fault