Out of control during autotune

Hi guys,

I ran into crashes while autotuning my quadcopter.

After making the aircraft, we checked the flight status through Althold and Loiter Mode in the first flight.

The control for roll and pitch was not bad, but the control for yaw was unstable, so Autotune was prepared.

Shortly after I started the Yaw axis autotune, I felt anxious and secured control of the aircraft.

Afterwards, autotune resumed for the purpose of checking once again, and after several twitches, it swinged sharply, lost posture, and fell.

I would like to know what caused a phenomenon that did not exist in Loiter and AltHold.

Can you tell me the cause through the following log?

Bad idea to fly this craft on default parameters. Read thru this the use the Mission Planner tuning Plug-in to se the paramters. Connect to craft, hit the Alt>A keys, input info as prompted and make those changes.

The process for a new craft:
Set the initial tuning parameters.
Set the Dynamic Notch Filter.
Auto Tune.

There are Wiki’s for each step.

thank you for letting me know.

I will change the Mot_Thst_Expo variable to 0.2.
And I’am going to change the variables I get through the Alt>A input.

Are there any additional variables that need to be changed besides this?