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Other ground stations not working?

( .) #21

according to the wiki,

live video can be viewed through a SkyRocket app (Mission Planner video support coming soon)

(Dave) #22

Yea, I think that’s understood it’s showing the video in the embedded window in Tower that is in question. This is supposed to work in Mission Planner also thru a VLC link but while I have it working in the VLC App I get errors in Mission Planner when I try to enable it thru the Cntrl-F>VLC menu

(Olivier Brousse) #23

Don’t know the errors you are getting, but make sure you use the 32 bit version of VLC. I couldn’t display either via Cntrl-F>VLC menu when I was using VLC 64 bit.

(Dave) #24

Thank you, that’s probably it.

(Albert) #25

OK…thanks for that. Hopefully this will become available in a future firmware update.

Any problems with say having the stock SV viewer AND the Tower app connected to the drone at the same time and flying a mission?

(Dave) #26

That actually does appear to work if you start the SV App 1st and then connect to Tower. There is a bit a delay in the video when switching from Tower to the SV App and if you are in the SV App you won’t get Tower Audio messages. One thread at a time.

(Dave) #27

Thought I would give QgroundControl a try here. But even after selecting the RTSP stream address that works for VLC its a no go. It connects to the FC OK but all I see is “Waiting for video” in the flight screen. Maybe someone with more familiarity with QGC can comment about that.

(Albert) #28

Of course, we could always invest in the brand new, dual monitor, sky viper controller Mk. II.

( .) #29

lol That’s awesome! Although, i’d prefer a mount for a 7" tablet.

(Mirko Denecke) #30

@dkemxr Try rtsp://