OTG interfacing

I Have a need for a Right Handed Person to control a RC plane.

Can we Interface a 3-D PC USB Joystick with the FRSKY TARANIS X9D RC transmitter for control and function?

I noticed the USB Port on the X9D. All I need is to use, with the right hand only, a Joystick interfaced with the Transmitter.

The minimum control for Right hand functions, will be the, Throttle, Roll, Pitch, and Rudder. I would like to not modify the X9D but use it along side of the Joystick. Mount the Radio and Joystick on a chest plate Equipment holder.

Question: can the X9D communicate like OTG (On the Go) with other devices?

Question: What programming would be necessary to Use the Joystick instead of the Gimbal control on the X9D transmitter?

Question: Can the X9D transmitter communicate Command and Control, just like a Cell Phone can talk to the PC through the USB Ports?

OTG Info:
Operate small USB devices by plugging in the adaptor cable which transforms your mobile or portable device into a USB capable unit ideal for connecting mice, keyboards, etc. to your portable electronics such as cell phones, eReaders, and tablets with micro USB to OTG (on the go) adaptor.

  • Micro USB type B to on the go USB 2.0 adapter
  • Operate small USB devices
  • Transforms your mobile or portable device into a USB capable unit
  • Compatible with mice, keyboards, cellphones, eReaders, tablets, laptops, computers etc.