OSD Video in Mission Planner

I am new to the APM platform and built a 3DR quad with the 3DR 5.8Ghz OSD video system. I see in mission planner you can view video with the unit telemetry but when I goto the optional hardware/OSD page, the drop down box only has my laptops integrated camera as an option.

Is there a way to feed the 3DR OSD video into mission planner and view it behind the telemetry data ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi John,
The MinimOSD Wiki pages are getting updated right now, take a look at any of the Wiki vehicle sites table of contents for a MinimOSD Index Page within the next day or 2.
Most of the information hadn’t been transferred, there will now be a lot of pages devoted to MinimOSD.
Best Regards,

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Hi John,

The MinimOSD now has it’s own set of pages accessible from this index page which can be found in any of the vehicles Tables of Contents: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … fpv-index/