OSD: Other aircraft's location?

Recently I stumbled upon a feature in another flight control system called FlyTogether by MyFlyDream. Essentially, it paints an indicator in your OSD to show another aircraft’s heading, relative altitude, and relative distance to your aircraft, and which way you need to fly to find them. Video in this link.

Technically, it seems that MFD did this by using 2 layers of OSDs. Both parties needed to be using MFD antenna trackers, and you would physically connect up to 8 of these antenna trackers together. The antenna trackers would communicate their aircraft’s coordinates, and since your video went through the antenna tracker, the tracker would paint another OSD onto your video with the aircraft locations.

Since we’re in the age of ChibiOS, flight controllers with built in MAX7456 chips, and async mesh on rfd, is this something that’s physically possible, especially without using antenna tracking hardware? I know the OSD chips are character based, so it would probably be difficult to get the same fidelity.

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Looks like the Inav guys have something similar called Inav Radar. Works pretty good. They use ESP32/Lora.