OSD Help

Hello, I recently built a 450 with the 2.6 controller. I have added telemetry which is working great, but now want to add OSD. I have the OSD but was a little confused at the setup. First do I need a programmer for it and if so where is the best place to buy it.

Also I will be using my Gopro which I do not power from the copter. I have a fatshark 250mw transmitter. My question is do I need to supply 12v to the OSD for it to work and can that be directly from the LIPO.

Thank you
Grandpa Jake

You need a programming FTDI cable to update the Firmware on the OSD board and also to be able to configure where things are displayed and what is displayed.
The config software is free and can be found here:

Yes, you need to supply 12V to the OSD video side. The cable that you use for the GoPro does not have that pin connected. You need a 3 conductor cable from the Transmitter to the OSD board.
store.3drobotics.com/products/se … ale-female