OSD freezes after telemetry starts on second telemetry port

After update from Arduplane 3.x to 4.09 the OSD does not work as previously.
It works OK and shows all data and horizon until I switch on my radio with Crossfire configured to Mavlink with RC control and connected to other telemetry port.
Then some of the data continues updating (such as Batt, Current, Mode etc) but some data not (such as horizon, pitch and roll angle)

When RC radio is off and Crossfire telemetry does not work then OSD is OK.

It happened right after update, so the problem is in latest firmware. Playing with SRx parameters did not help

If I give you a link to a github repository, can you compile and test a FW?

I backported a couple of serial telemetry fixes to the stable branch.

Is this an internal EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) problem? Is the telemetry transmitter interfering with the IMU on the flight computer? If that is the case than turning the transmit power down or moving the transmit antenna might fix your problem.

Yes, give it to me, please.

And Update for the issue.
I see the same issue on my second plane. It has Crossfire receiver configured Mavlink and Telemetry Radio Modem. When RC Radio is on then Mission Planner connects to plane via telemetry radio modem very slowly. When I switch RC Radio off then it starts reading parameters fast (as usually).
So two telemetry ports are not working OK at the same time.

Don’t think so, the same plane was OK with Arduplane 3.x
And I have the same issue with my second and third plane. The planes are totally different. Pixhawk and Matek 405 Wing. with/without telemetry radio.

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Here you go: https://github.com/amilcarlucas/ardupilot/tree/FETtecOneWire-on-Plane-4.0
You need to checkout that particular branch and build it. Please do report if it works for you.

I have got the branch, compiled, updated plane and have the same issue.


Says version is 4.1 dev

This video demonstrates OSD with new firmware. Switching ON/OFF Radio

you got the wrong branch. Just do:

git clone https://github.com/amilcarlucas/ardupilot.git
git checkout FETtecOneWire-on-Plane-4.0
git submodule update --recursive --init
./waf configure --board=<put your board name here>
./waf plane --upload

or if you already have a local repository:

git remote add amilcar https://github.com/amilcarlucas/ardupilot.git
git fetch amilcar
git checkout FETtecOneWire-on-Plane-4.0
git submodule update --recursive --init
./waf configure --board=<put your board name here>
./waf plane --upload

In the end the version should be ArduPlane V4.0.9 (5c7e28d8)

Yes sorry. Got a wrong branch.
Now it is correct but the issue still remains.

Thanks for testing, sorry that it did not work.

Thank you for the help.
No problem.
If you need additional info or config or logs, please feel free to contact me.

Please open a github issue with this.